Duplicate / Clone WooCommerce Orders – Free Plugin by WP Masters

We are glad to present you free Plugin by WP Masters Clone Woo Orders.

We bring to your attention a WooCommerce repeat order plugin, that will make your life easier. It will be especially useful for sales managers who place orders every day and have regular customers. With the help of plugin, you will be able to enhance the website functionality for better customer experience.


  • If lient calls you by phone and ask to repeat his order
  • When you need to create order manually for existing customer
  • If you are developer who needs a lot of orders for testing

The plugin allows the buyer to repeat his previous order, for this, the store administrator needs to click “woocommerce repeat order” button, adding with one click in the personal account all the goods and services from the previous order to the new one.

You can also repeat goods from several previous orders at once in the buyer’s personal account.

If you are familiar with the situation when the client calls and asks “Bring the same thing as last time”, then this woocommerce order clone is for you.

The plugin adds a “clone customer order woocommerce” button to the order page, by clicking on which a copy of the order is created and opened for editing. You just have to save the new order, or make minor changes if required.

Plugin features:

  1. Repeats woocommerce order with some modifications: – Creates a copy of the order: the contact details of the buyer, the goods in the order, the services selected for the goods, delivery and payment data (type, cost), the order discount is copied,
  2. Automatically opens a new order for editing to make it easier to change it if needed.

Attention, what you need to know:

– The plugin is designed to automate the actions of the administrator;

– Only the parameters specified above are copied. The data of other plugins, which may be attached to the order, are not copied

– The delivery address is also copied. This function will help to avoid errors in delivery

Now you can create orders automatically and save your time. Woocommerce repeat order is a solution for the possibility of duplication, repetition of an already completed customers order from the admin area.


Clone Woo Orders – Free by WP Masters


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