Custom WooCommerce Shipping Method

If you are the owner of an online store, in the first place it is important for you to provide high-quality, inexpensive and functional delivery. We have created a shipping plugin with the default shipping method.

When working with this plugin, you will not have any problems with setting up the delivery, the plugin does everything automatically.

Our plugin WooCommerce default shipping Method makes it easy to set up and calculate the shipping.

Shipping rules for shipping methods

We have created a custom delivery concept in WooCommerce – WP E-Commerce shipping plugin. The plugin calculates the price and delivery time, depending on the weight of the order and the distance for which it must be shipped.

Our plugin was created for calculating the delivery of goods of a hardware store. The same plugin can be used for any WooCommerce store.

We will analyze all the functionality and capabilities of the shipping plugin for woocommerce using the example of the construction business.

  1. It is worth pointing out that the construction business has delivery features. Each product has a specific category. There were 10 such categories in this store. Delivery rules have been created for each of these categories. Our developers have created variable formulas that calculate shipping according to store rules.

Thus, a flexible formula for calculating delivery was created: the ability to calculate delivery depending on volume, weight or category. This is the so called delivery matrix.

  • When creating the custom shipping plugin woocommerce, all the rules of the store were taken into account: free delivery if the order exceeds (for example) 1000 euros; 10% discount on delivery if the order is more than 500 euros and so on.
  • The next nuance is product groups and shipping costs for each group. Each group of goods has gradations – if the order is up to 100 kg, this is one weight category and the cost of delivery for that group has its own range. If the order weighs from 100 kg to 500 kg, this is a different weight category and, accordingly, a different delivery cost.

Each category has its own restrictions on both weight and volume. This is calculated by the plugin.

  • –°ustom shipping plugin WooCommerce was developed for a store that delivers within the same city. Each zone of this city has its own code (index). The client only needs to enter his code, and the plugin will calculate the rest by itself, taking into account the weight, volume, category and group of goods, add a discount, or free shipping, if such is provided for this group of goods.

Shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight as well as the shipping area.

What the WooCommerce custom shipping methods plugin consists of:

  • Calculator (WooCommerce shipping calculator plugin)
  • –°alculation for 10 groups of goods, depending on weight, volume and delivery cost
  • Delivery areas (codes)

The plugin has a customizable discount system. For example, for wholesale buyers, you can set up a discount. This can be a fixed amount or a percentage discount from the total amount.

General discount settings

The advantage of the WordPress shipping plugin is ease of use for the client and unlimited possibilities for stores. The system is flexible, suitable for any business, there is the possibility of scaling, you can add many more functions, depending on the requirements of your business niche.

WooCommerce shipping method API plugin

The plugin configuration has a function for collecting data from API servers.

For example, if you have a chain of stores, you will benefit from using this feature and save your budget. You can configure this plugin on the main site and API will provide an effective communication process between programs using functions and resources of each other.

Customers will be able to arrange delivery and payment from any site of this chain of stores, but in fact, all this will only go through the main site.

Used Technologies: WordPress, WooCommerce, Plugin, JS, jQuery, API

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