Custom Yacht Booking Plugin

This is the perfect solution for your business – best  booking plugin WordPress.

When you run an online business and want your customers to be able to book and order services through your website, then this booking plugin will certainly be useful to you.

This plugin will help you not only deliver great customer service, however also save time, increase sales, and scale your business.

Why is wordpress booking plugin good?

1. The client can book 24/7 online, no additional staff is needed.

2. Our woocommerce booking & appointment plugin is suitable for all areas where you need to make reservations, make an appointment, cancel, pay, take an advance payment and so on.

3. Money management (local currency)

It is possible to control the frequency of booking, depending on the investment of a certain person. (for example, with booking yachts – if a person owns a yacht by 10%, he can book it 10 times a year, a person whose contribution is 40% has more opportunities to go to sea) all this is calculated in the application and does not require external intervention …

It is also possible to set restrictions on the number of booked days (hours) – for example, the minimum number of days, the maximum number of days. Privileges for people with large investments

The application is flexible enough and you can use it to suit your needs. The plugin is suitable for different areas: salons, dentistry, hotels and others. We will create a plugin taking into account all the nuances of your business

It should be noted that we paid special attention to the cancellation policy

For example, a client has booked a yacht for a certain date. On the day of booking, the client cancels the reservation, the application itself makes sure that the prepayment or cancellation fee is withdrawn, in the amount specified in the application.

The application has roles: operator blog, administrator, user. Everyone has a different interface and specific access.

Based on our extensive experience in creating plugins, we will be able to write scenarios for your business and draw up an individual plugin that will take into account all emergency situations.


1. Has a responsive layout, JavaScript API, Shortcodes, flexible timeline, custom fields, email notifications and reminders, and more. WordPress

2. There are many settings and useful features that you can use to create your booking calendar.

  1. It is ideal for businesses and individuals who are planning their work with clients such as consultants, web designers, spas, salons, photographers and sales professionals.

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