Customer verification woocommerce plugin

We bring to your attention the age verification plugin (and client authentication plugin).

This function is necessary now for almost every website, shop and etc. For example, when buying products that are intended for people over 18 years old, when ordering tickets, when registering on the website.

All online stores must understand that selling certain products to young people is illegal. Therefore, the presence of this customer verification plugin is necessary for a successful and legal business

This customer identity verification plugin simplifies verification and allows store or site owners to sell goods or provide other services only to verified customers, for the sake of the full Content-Security.

The user interface is pretty simple. To verify and authenticate the client, he must upload his passport photo during registration on the site.

How is authentication going?

  • A person sends a passport photo (Supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, DNG, or PDF format for verification documents)
  • Using the API, the plugin Woocommerce user verification sends data (photo) for verification. Within a few seconds, the result of the check comes and the plugin allows or denies the provision of services (based on the results of the check)


  • face authentication for corporate and consumer applications for mobile devices and PCs
  • the presence of a simple API interface allows you to perform actions such as payments, electronic services and other manipulations that require increased security
  • biometric face recognition

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