Website and B2B WooCommerce for Wholesale Shoe Factory

Development of a multifunctional wholesale platform for a shoe factory in Italy with the possibility of mass ordering shoes by size, taking into account the discount for the quantity purchased. The project was implemented on the already installed Flatsome theme with WooCommerce support. The design of the catalog page, product page, shopping cart page and checkout page was significantly redesigned to adapt them to factory requirements.

The site catalog is divided into 2 sections – a public section for all visitors to purchase, and a VIP section, which allows you to purchase goods at a wholesale price with a multi-level discount for the number of items in the order. To get VIP status, users must purchase a special one-year subscription to get all of the above benefits of VIP status.

Tools have also been developed to make it easier to add bulk items with the ability to customize variations.

VIP access to wholesale categories

When you go to the wholesale products page of users without a special VIP subscription, you will see an information message about the need to purchase a subscription to access this category of products. Clicking “Become a Member” will take us to the subscription page.

Unsubscribed users cannot view prices, navigate to product pages, or other wholesale categories until they acquire VIP status for access. When attempting to access a page, a special PopUp message will be displayed stating that it is necessary to purchase access.

Directory for users with a subscription

After subscribing, users get access to the entire wholesale catalog, including their maximum and minimum prices depending on the number of items in the order.

A total 3 types of product pages are implemented on the site, of which the first are wholesale for the sale of variations of shoes by size, the second for the wholesale order of handbags and various attributes of colors, as well as the latter to order the usual product variations without discounts and wholesale prices, and now we will look at them in detail.

Wholesale product page by size

On the product page, the main element is the size table for each variation, which allows you to select, in the background, the necessary number of pairs of shoes to purchase a specific size and color. There is an option to switch between variations to view a gallery of different shoe colors, as well as the ability to change sizes to: European, American, and English shoe size format.

The left side under the gallery displays a description as well as a table of valid discounts for different quantities of goods. These discounts are calculated in the background when you change the number of products in the product variation tables and the right column displays the total number of selected pairs of shoes, the price per pair at the discount and the total final price, as well as the size of the applied discount.


When you click on “Size Guide” in the pop-up window, you can see the full size chart and size differences. To avoid getting lost in the numbers, size switches have been added to the page that automatically adjust to the desired format.

After switching the size format, the numbers in the tables also change to the correct format. In addition, on the page it is possible to add your own logo to the order so that the delivered goods were with your logo + wishes for the order, or write in the contact form in the pop-up window on the button “Ask for more info”.

Also, on the wholesale product page, the “Order sample” button can be used to switch the page to a single purchase mode that is not discounted and is designed to purchase 1 or more pairs of shoes of the same size and color without the minimum order limit as in “Bulk Order” mode, which can also be quickly returned to by the button above the variations.

Wholesale product page by color

This type of page has all the advantages of the previous kind, except for the selection of sizes. Instead, a choice of product variations is available, as well as the indication of their quantity. It is also possible to buy without discounts in “Order Sample” mode.

This type of page was designed exclusively for purses, handbags and various accessories from the Italian factory.

The normal product purchase page

The third type of product page, which is not a wholesale page, remained unchanged by default at the request of the customer. By it you can evaluate the amount of work done and compare it with the wholesale pages that were developed by our specialists.

A regular page with a choice of sizes and colors using the drop-down Select items.

Ordering page

On the checkout page at the very top, the benefits of VIP subscription for users who do not have a subscription are described. Users who have already subscribed will not see these blocks. Also, the subscription itself can be canceled in the user’s personal cabinet.

The checkout form has been completely redesigned and made in two steps. In the first one we fill in the billing information – it also serves for delivery. When selecting the country the phone code automatically changes to the country flag to make entering the phone number more convenient and understandable. Also at the first step we validate all the fields on the correctness of the information.

Pay attention to the meta descriptions of the products. They store information about the selected variation, as well as the sizes and quantities purchased for each selected size.

The next step is to fill out the payment information and make the payment using the selected payment method. In this case the only payment method is Stripe.

Admin panel – product setup

When adding a product in the properties section of the main tab, you can select the product page view 1 of the 3 options previously described, as well as production texts and other details. The waiting time of the goods depending on the size of the batch is filled below. The number of days on the product page changes dynamically depending on the total number of products in the order.

In the tab discounts you can configure the size of the discount when buying goods by quantity and set an individual discount and possibly create an unlimited number of levels of discounts, or set a special discount above which you need to call a special service to clarify the possibility of supplying such a quantity of goods.

In the size section, you can switch the shoe type by gender, as well as enable or disable certain sizes from sale. Excluded sizes will not be displayed in the wholesale table. Only the included sizes in this section are displayed.

Results of development

As a result of the development, our specialists turned an ordinary shoe store into a real trading platform for wholesale and mass sale of Italian-made shoes. In addition, we implemented convenient options for individualization of goods, as well as an intuitive interface with VIP subscriptions and bonuses.

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