Import Products, Variations and Attributes – Plugin by WP Masters

Now it is possible for you to transfer XLSX data to WooCommerce and obtain product attributes generated automatically, no manual work!


  • Enhanced WooCommerce products’ transfer including creation of various features;
  • Supports various XLSX Files including various dynamic attributes;
  • Supports any XLSX files with an unlimited number of attributes;
  • Supports map fields from an Excel file to create the variation of data to be saved during import;
  • A model of XLSX import file is also provided – you can fill it up with your details and import products with their attributes and variations.

The Complete video demo – on how to use plugin – can be found here.

Only absent products and variations specified by SKU and Variation SKU will be included. The variations and products that have been added will not be deleted or overwritten. The next version coming out in July 2022 will feature an update mode.


  • There will be no more manual addition- you will be able to import different products with tons of attributes
  • You can import variations for products by SKU
  • Import features for products
  • Import features for variations
  • Import images for products


  • Download, install and activate the plugin
  • After the activation process, the section “WPM Import Variations” is next
  • Download example XLSX file to look at the mapping fields. You can also insert your own attributes field in the Excel file.
  • It is important for the Excel file to possess SKU and Variation SKU. You need that for categorizing products with different SKU variations
  • Choose it in the settings and select “Load file” when Excel File is ready
  • You will see mapping with select type fields from excel when page has fully reloaded. Choose an option that equals content variation and click “Import Data”


WooCommerce being activated is necessary for this plugin


Import Products, Variations and Attributes – Free by WP Masters

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