Creating a Job Board Website

A redesign of the job search site with a selection of professionals by activity category. The site used a premium JobCareer theme that was specifically designed for a site with a job directory and job search. The job logic and standard template modules, including search and filtering were redesigned for job candidates.

The ability to register as a candidate was provided by a template with the ability to fill out a resume and candidate information when applying for a job. This functionality has been completely redesigned and adapted for candidate search, and the job search has been replaced by the specialist search functionality. Additional fields were also added for contacting performers.

At the moment, anyone can register in the service and get into the category of specialists who can be invited by employers.

Search for candidates on the home page

Immediately upon entering the site you can search for candidates by location, category, as well as search by first and last name, if you want to find a candidate you already know. Below the main form there are also categories with statistics on the number of available candidates in each category with the ability to go to the category page to search for candidates.

The search filters work dynamically with auto-completion when you enter the category name or user name.

Candidate Directory

When you go to the directory or category of candidates, you can also use the filtering on candidates as by profession, and their location on the map, which is set by candidates in the personal cabinet if you want.

This search functionality has a lot in common with the job search system for freelancers. Only in this case, anyone who wants to find a job with a specialization in one or more available areas on the site can register a questionnaire and wait for offers from employers without the need to look for a job themselves. This can be done both by the customers and by the HR department interested in recruitment.

Candidate Page

When you go to the candidate page, you can read about the experience, see a portfolio, download a resume, and write to the candidate feedback form.

This page also added the ability to go to the user’s website, if it was listed on the questionnaire, and to visit the Instagram page, if it was also listed, among other social networks.

Setting up a user profile

The candidate questionnaire can include all the information needed to improve page visibility and attract HR to the resume. All the tools necessary for users to quickly communicate both on social networks and via feedback have been added. The platform is completely transparent and allows its users to open as much as they want themselves with the ability to advertise some of their services.

When filling out the profile the user can be guided by the fill-in status in the left corner, which shows the general progress of the questionnaire settings. The higher this indicator is, the higher is the probability that your questionnaire will be considered by more employers.

Admin Panel – Edit Questionnaires

In the administrative part, when editing user profiles, you can edit their profiles, including the ability to moderate the display in the search and edit the specified data. New fields have also been added to this section, including users’ social networks to allow you to check and edit them.

Thanks to this functionality, the administrator can quickly check the profiles and moderate them on the site for display. Also, candidates themselves have the ability to turn visibility in the directory on and off in case they are no longer looking for new offers.

Results of development

As a result, thanks to the efforts of our specialists the job site was completely reconstructed to search for job candidates with convenient filtering functions and search by required field of activity. The candidates themselves were given full freedom to create the most informative portfolio pages to attract the attention of employers.

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