TKOTIX – sports event aggregator

Development of a platform on which managers and organizers of fights can publish an event with the ability to sell tickets and referral system for fighters. The project was implemented on the Divi theme using plugins: Ultimate Affiliate Pro, FooEvents and WooCommerce with functional refinement.

Originally there was a poster on the site with a non-working system for selling tickets, which worked on the standard Events plugin. It was necessary to implement the ticket purchase system with the selection of seats in the hall, which were not occupied, and for this purpose was used FooEvents Seats in compatibility with WooCommerce to solve problems with payment.

The Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin was used to calculate the percentage of ticket sales that the service, the event manager itself, and the fighter would receive. Certain refinements and implementation of a special calculator to accurately calculate MLM percentages were required to correctly implement the affiliate logic.

Voting for the fighters

The system of voting for a fighter when purchasing a ticket was implemented. The fighter who was voted for received a percentage of ticket sales. Each fighter also has an individual percentage of ticket sales.

Later, this system was revised and now fighters receive a percentage only if tickets were purchased through their referral link. If the ticket is purchased directly on the site, a small percentage goes to the service as an intermediary and the main percentage goes to the manager without deduction of additional remuneration for the fighter.

Percentage of ticket sales

First of all, there were created groups of percentages, which will be set for fighters in percent ratio from 1% to 10%, and also a fixed percentage of 98% for managers, which decreases in case if the ticket is purchased using fighter’s referral link. The remaining 2% is the service commission for providing a platform for placement, control and monitoring of sales.

For each manager assigned fighters and distributed interest on each, depending on the size of the percentage of sales. From each sale the manager deducts a percentage which is due to the fighter as a reward for sales under the referral link.

To accurately calculate the percentages in the “Amount” field, so that everyone gets the exact amount, a special interest calculator has been implemented, which calculates how much a manager should get and what percentage should be set for a fighter.

To accurately calculate the percentages in the “Amount” field, so that everyone gets the exact amount, a special interest calculator has been implemented, which calculates how much a manager should get and what percentage should be set for a fighter.

Activities are product-related

Each poster on the home page is created using the regular Events plugin, which displays information on both upcoming events and those already completed.

To interact with WooCommerce, a button is available inside each event to go to the ticket purchase page. In the event post settings, you can select the product that is responsible for the ticket purchase.

When going to the ticket purchase page, the visitor can select the seats that are not occupied and also see a map of the arena, how their seat will look roughly and where it is located.

Affiliate statistics

A special office for monitoring sales statistics and information about all accruals is available for fighters and managers after authorization on the site. Funds accumulated by partners can be withdrawn by applying for withdrawal and specifying the details. The service processes applications manually.

All information about the movement of funds is located in a convenient table with graphs and the ability to filter for reporting.

Admin panel for managers

A panel is available for managers to add events and products to sell tickets. Each manager sees only his own events and added products. It is also possible to select the option to sell tickets both with the selection of an arena seat and directly with a random number.

The functionality in the panel is limited to items that are needed to add events. All other functionality is available only to the administrator for security and control over all operations.

Checking tickets by QR code

After the tickets are purchased, the QR code data is sent to the post, which will be checked before the client is allowed to the event. In order not to forget about the event it is possible to add the event to the calendar.

Using a special device with a scanner, or a tablet with a camera connected to the site, you can automatically check that the tickets are valid and have been purchased by the customer. After each check, it is automatically recorded that the code has already been used.

Results of development

By the end of development TKOTIX became an automated platform for attracting managers and selling tickets for sporting events with convenient tools for both managers and fighters with referral system. Also there was prepared a detailed manual for management of the service, in particular adding new managers, setting up percentages and assigning fighters to managers. The entire work process was debugged to automatism, taking into account all the details of business logic.

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