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WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. Our experienced developers provide plugin development and customization services for any business. We keep up with technological progress and boldly combine modern technologies, experience and knowledge.

There are many plugin options that allow you to make changes to WordPress according to your wishes. The WordPress plugin directory has over 55,000 plugins. Sometimes they don’t deliver what you expect. If so, our custom WordPress plugin development services will come to your rescue.

What is our advantage?

We as professional WordPress plugin development agency talk with the client, hear him and work closely with him. This is the only way to achieve a result that will lead to success.

Based on the information, we develop custom-built plugins that have a mixture of business logic, efficiency, and technical scalability.

What is our main task as WordPress plugin developers

With the help of plugins, we expand the functionality of sites. We make the site more flexible, user-friendly, simple and attractive.

We offer wordpress customization plugin and individual plugins according to the requirements of your business.

Why and who needs plugins?

These are additional programs that exist separately. Therefore, it is possible to run the main software tool by enabling or disabling the capabilities that are prescribed in the plugins.

This was developed to optimize performance. Plugins development for business is absolutely important for everyone who wants to expand their business opportunities.

The plugin will make your site more attractive to the customer, more user-friendly, and speed up the checkout process.

We have developed hundreds of projects, that bring money to different businesses

For example, a plugin for a booking system. The yacht sharing company has ordered the development of a plugin. Now customers can easily book a yacht at a convenient time, see which dates are busy, which are free, make a payment online, and cancel a booking online. All these questions are now solved by the plugin.

Another our project is custom shipping plugin WooCommerce.

We have created a custom delivery concept in WooCommerce – WP E-Commerce shipping plugin. The plugin calculates the price and delivery time, depending on the weight of the order and the distance for which it must be shipped.

Our plugin was created for calculating the delivery of goods of a hardware store. The same plugin can be used for any WooCommerce store.

What the WooCommerce custom shipping methods plugin consists of:

  • Calculator (WooCommerce shipping calculator plugin)
  • –°alculation for 10 groups of goods, depending on weight, volume and delivery cost
  • Delivery areas (codes)

Another interesting project of ours is the age verification plugin (and client authentication plugin).

This customer identity verification plugin simplifies verification and allows store or site owners to sell goods or provide other services only to verified customers, for the sake of the full Content-Security.


– face authentication for corporate and consumer applications for mobile devices and PCs

– the presence of a simple API interface allows you to perform actions such as payments, electronic services and other manipulations that require increased security

– biometric face recognition

This is only a small part of all our developments. We have built hundreds of WordPress plugins and frameworks for various industries, such as Automotive, Airline, Telecom, Educational, Media, Finance, Event Management, among many others.

We develop plugins of any complexity for any business. We will make your business modern, customer-oriented.

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