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The task of this project was to integrate Autorize.net payment method into WP Estimation Form plugin. The main difficulty lay in the architecture of the plugin itself, because the possibility of adding a new payment method was not provided, and the plugin code itself had a lot of links, which had to be taken into account.

Also payment in all available methods worked through Ajax, and when integrating it was necessary to make a payment in the same way with the new method, as well as to develop a visual style for payment in a pop-up window.

After the payment, the customer should receive a document with the order information, and the order itself should be correctly saved in the database for convenient moderation.

Payment method Autorize. Net

In the settings of each visual form, there is a payment item where you can select a payment method. Initially only 3 methods were available in WP Estimation Form plugin: PayPal, Stripe and RazorPay. The Autorize payment method was added by us. At the same time all the functionality works similarly, all the scripts are saved along with the styles. You can change the size of the payment, pay in installments, or subscribe, similar to Stripe.

The settings are stored in the database, just like by the other methods. Automatic creation of new tables in the database for storing AutorizeNet settings has also been added. It is also possible to use this method in compatibility with other methods to provide users with the ability to make payments using Stripe, or Autorize. This functionality also works correctly.

AutorizeNet payment window

As mentioned earlier, it was necessary to develop for the new payment method a convenient payment option with the ability to save the user’s payment information for future choices on future orders. The user’s payment information is encrypted and saved in a secure location. The customer can either specify a new card or use an already saved one.

The modal window is used in all other payment methods, so it was also involved in AutorizeNet. Validation works correctly – checking for the correctness of the card and the availability of funds on it. If the user has previously made a payment, the selection of previously saved payment data will be displayed under the card input form.

Results of development

This plugin was eventually used on 3 company sites on the same topic. As shown above – AutorizeNet was added to WP Estimation Form and works even better than the payment methods added by plugin developers. After all, our payment method turned out to be more functional due to the ability to securely store user payment data for later use. All functionality of the plugin is preserved and works fully correctly, as required.

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