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We offer professional technical support for your website. You will forget about problems with the site and will be able to concentrate on the really important tasks for your business or project. Maintenance service that’s what you need.

WordPress is the most popular management system in the world. And this popularity makes it vulnerable – WordPress is the favorite system for hacks and viruses. Anyone who monitors the timely update of the kernel of the system, modifies the site, monitors serviceability can sleep peacefully. We do website maintenance for you. Not only viruses and hacker attacks can harm your site. Untimely updates and improvements lead to incorrect operation of the resource.

Website maintenance service – is a very complex process that requires a lot of experience, practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Unfortunately, without the support of professionals, the resource can be severely damaged. The first problem – website is not very user friendly. For example, non-working sections or buttons produce customer dissatisfaction and you lose a potential customer. The second problem – Site Not Appearing in Search Engine. Improper operation or optimization of the site can lead to the fact that search engines will not find your resource, and it is not easy to restore it in search engines.

What is the WordPress maintenance?

WordPress site support optimizes and speeds up work, eliminates even the smallest errors that affect performance. Our specialists update the system, update plugins, clean the site from malicious code and create the correct work.

You are no longer bothered by technical issues such as your tech stack, server security, updates, or server-side optimizations.

What processes in WordPress should be automatic and thus make your life easier? First of all it is:

– Updates

– Backups

– Storage

This is a list of least favorite WordPress tasks. These tasks can take a lot of time, especially if you do the job right with a full backup of all content files and databases — and even more so if you have more than one site.

Our WordPress website support services does it correctly and regularly.

Let’s summarize:

By automating certain WordPress maintenance tasks, you can dramatically reduce the time you spend on them and, in turn, increase your productivity

1. WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates

2. Website backups (Managed WordPress hosting)

3. Comment moderation

4. Link monitoring

5. Managed WordPress hosting

We offer three pre-set plans:

  • Maintain – weekly updates, 24/7 uptime monitoring, daily cloud backups, and Google Analytics integration.
  • Protect – the Maintain plan plus the unlimited 24/7 content edits, 2x daily cloud backups, security optimization, and iThemes Security Pro.
  • Perform –the Protect plan plus speed optimization, WP Smush Pro, 4x daily cloud backups, mobile and tablet optimization, and complete malware removal.

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