Custom WordPress Theme Development

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Custom-made, high-quality, bug-free WordPress websites.

Do you want your WordPress website to get noticed? Are you looking for custom WordPress theme design and development services? You are in the right place.

We develop uniquely designed WordPress themes for your online shop and assist you in getting user-friendly websites that reflect the kind of service you offer. Our mission is to ensure that every one of our clients makes the most of the features of WordPress. With our expertly crafted websites, you have the opportunity to expand the reach of your business. Our team will take responsibility and execute a project for you that will make your website design theme stand out from the competition.

Our Custom WordPress development services include:

  • Custom Theme Coding (HTML, CSS, jQuery/JavaScript)
  • Site Design and Developments.
  • Customization.
  • Theme Development.
  • Plugin Development.
  • Content Management.
  • Information architecture.
  • Hosting.
  • Data Migration.
  • API Integrations.
  • Upgrades.
  • Support and Maintenance.

WordPress stands as the leading web content management system, designed with your business targets as well as your personal requirements in mind, and which helps you develop adaptive workflows. Our WordPress developers understand the importance of a fast and great performed website. The importance of a fast and perfectly executed websites is well understood by our WordPress developers. We have used different coding languages, frameworks and tools over the years to meet the project specifications supplied by our clients. We involve our clients in every phase of the project so that it’s easier to share ideas and offer the right solutions to meet your business needs.

Order Website for Custom WordPress Theme Development

Masterfully turning your design into a fully functioning WordPress theme to match your aims. It is important to ensure that your theme is compatible with different browsers, screen sizes, and systems. We understand the importance of compatibility, and that’s why we ensure all our themes are compatible with a wide selection of browsers. You won’t need to worry about our themes not running for your clients.

Benefits to order scratch WordPress theme from our team

Peculiar Appearance

Unique themes are created exclusively for you and only for your project. Most famous companies use only custom WordPress themes to implement any design they want for their site.

Clean & Valid code

Our code will be created by our true professionals for you in accordance with all PSR standards, understandable, clean code easily readable, maintainable, tested, debugged and error recovered by our masterminds, because of the possibility of technological tricks and developments, making it easier to adapt your website to other site masters in the future and works on any WordPress website, you can implement it and transfer it to any site you want and it will work everywhere because of its adaptability.

Custom Functionality

Making sure your website is targeting your demographic in the most efficient way to grow a business. Our WordPress development team will build any kind of website you have in mind. You will find us totally flexible in this aspect, assurance of 100% confidentiality through non-disclosure agreement, we have mature development as well as quality processes, keeping you in the loop at all stages of the top rate WordPress project showing communication and interpersonal skills.

We can customize any plugin or theme to suit our client needs, including colors, design, styles, layout customization, adding new plugins to features of your theme. Constant customization is then required to be ahead of the intense competition, because a good theme is not only inspired by just creativity, but the need to solve a particular problem that the marketplace is facing. Can assure you of delivering high quality SEO plugins, easy to integrate and use, deliver good performance, compatible with most WordPress versions and are extremely secure and bug free which we are happy to set up. We also ensure the use of plugins is minimized to create a streamlined website that performs well.

We will write you a unique plugin that will add functionality to your logic, make your platform powerful not only in terms of sales volume, but also in terms of running your business better.

SEO Optimized

Unique themes are created exclusively for you and only for your project, they follow SEO rules and the SEO process starts from the very beginning. Performance, implemented scheme on the website, technical SEO provides better visibility.

WordPress Theme Security

Websites are often a target for spam, hacks and security breaches. Cooperating with us, you can be sure, that you will not have problems with the security of your website, because all development is controlled by professionals who know the pitfalls of how hackers and crackers can enter your site and completely prevent the possibility that something can happen to your site in the future. Also, if you already have identified problems, bugs, viruses on your website – we will easily fix it to properly protect your clients’ confidential data. Key points in protecting websites in our work are the use of advanced encryption, requiring proper authentication, constant fixing of detecting vulnerabilities and keeping software development clean. Because smart attackers don’t doze off, they can find vulnerabilities even in reasonably robust security environments, so we offer our clients a holistic security strategy.

Promoting conversations

When you’re ready to upgrade from a commercial theme to one that’s uniquely yours, we’ll work with you to convert your designs to a living, breathing custom WordPress theme.

In the highly competitive digital marketing landscape, branding is critical. We can develop a responsive WordPress theme for you or customize your chosen theme. Our experienced specialists produce a technical design for a new website based on the demands of the business. The customized site is then modified with the addition of plugins and other features so that you can take advantage of all the options and features. With WordPress custom theme development, we provide the ability to modify, repair and customize existing WordPress websites with all possible support and service.

Building up a theme for WordPress Development

A high-performing website is vital if you want to dominate the search engine. As the leading CMS platform, WordPress extends website capabilities in various ways, including custom functions and theme customization. As a result, WordPress sites are usually high-performing. With this said, WordPress transcends beyond business models and target markets. The team has the strategies and tools at their disposal to serve a global clientele, fully comprehending the need to build a flexible and scalable solution for each project.

The phases of conceptualizing your special theme:

– Market business research, analyzing of competitors

– Development of UX design layout and its coordination

– UI finalization and endorsement of the template

– WordPress layout and coding development

Meeting client satisfaction is our overriding goal, and it’s the most essential thing we care about. We can help you create a great brand for your business. Coming with years of experience in the industry, we have developed many custom WordPress theme designs and customized many themes according to client requirements.

To provide the perfect combination of quality website development services and attractive prices, our WordPress website development services are designed to ensure that you get the ideal balance between quality website development services and attractive prices. Either you want to develop a theme from scratch or refine an existing WordPress theme, we are always ready to serve.

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Stages Of Making Custom Themes for WordPress


At this stage design should be prepared by Customer's designer


Design will be converted to static HTML, page by page starting from the Home page


After HTML version approved by Customer, and HTML will become a WordPress theme, connected to backend (and become editable via wp-admin)


The final stage will be to do quality assurance and launch on a live website

Questions about WordPress Themes and Frontend?

Frequently asked Questions
What is bettter - custom design, or ready theme?

Ready templates, that can be purchased for something like $50 are good in case if you have a common tasks. For instance, E-Commerce, Blog or Landing Page.

In case you need custom features / outstanding business logic – then custom design via Figma / Sketch / XD / PDF to WordPress theme suits the best.

What is needed to make a WordPress Theme?

To make a WordPress theme, we need a file (XD, PSD, Sketch) or Figma access.

What page builder is best one?

We recommend not to use any page builders except native WordPress Gutenberg Blocks.

We can create custom reusable blocks for you, based on Gutenberg and ACF.

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