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How to do Figma to WordPress Theme

Convert Figma to WordPress website mock-up design into a full-featured, fast-loading and ultra high-quality website with the assistance of our high-specialized team with years of experience in development for clients around the world, adding easy maintenance, longevity and 5-star support. Implemented by a team of experts to industry standards based on the finest work that will convince you of the superior quality, responsiveness, and excellence of our Figma services.

Get your project done right the first time, including  ordering responsive design Figma to WordPress on our service developments

WP-Masters do exactly that. We take your Figma designs, do a little magic and turn them into a complete WordPress Theme based on HTML, CSS and PHP. If you want to convert your Figma design to WordPress, our WP-Masters website development can help, starting by analyzing your Figma design and sorting it, extracting all the images, logos and icons you need, guaranteeing quality results and attention to the smallest details.

Our specialists create appropriate WordPress Figma for you:

  • The dimensions of the original Figma are preserved- our highly scalable architecture allows you to grow well beyond the average theme;
  • A structured combination of images, headings, subheadings, tables, infographics, text, and other elements on your website page using HTML markup language and CSS page appearance description language (layout of your website);
  • Eliminate the long loading of the site, making your WordPress website will be pixel-perfect on all devices and major browsers When working with our masters are based on the basic technical requirements for WordPress themes, what should be the template to work correctly on the core of WordPress by all standards.
  • A Figma that will be cross-browser, displaying correctly in different browsers. Browsers Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Explorer may display elements differently. When making the Figma, we take into account these differences and see how elements will look on different platforms of your website.
  • Viewing the page through different resolutions (viewing the page through different resolutions. checking how the page “behaves” on large and small screen devices);
  • Stretch layout – lightness and minimalism in code are the rules of website Figma to get a decent project at the end (the process of combining the functional part of the website with its appearance, how correctly and properly displays the design and all elements of the website, whether the information on the pages, etc.);
  • CSS has advantages over JS, everything that can be done with styles is done only through them;
  • Properly structured headings, paragraphs, thought of their styles;
  • All images are prescribed size – used a small number of images. All the maximum prescribed text or code;
  • After the functionality with the layout is tested, the site is introduced a complete structure of sections, subsections and products. All necessary fields in all elements are filled in, and the correctness of their display are verified. The products are allocated to sections and filled with the information;
  • Testing of the adaptive version of the site on any screen resolutions – from phone to 4K monitor. All to make the mobile adaptive version as correct and convenient as possible. We also cross-browser testing of the layout at different resolutions – the layout is tested on different types of devices and browsers.

Our custom WordPress theme will encode your Figma design into a custom responsive theme. Regardless of whether it’s a landing page or an e-commerce website portal, our experienced developers incorporate advanced custom fields and user-defined post types to provide a site that you can easily manage from your admin panel.

A team of experts utilizes custom features and animations. All of our rates include a quality guarantee for a variety of browsers and various devices. The projects are always completed on time and on budget at all times. Every WordPress theme we develop is fully customizable, mobile responsive and SEO optimized. The technologies we use for wordpress conversion.

We test the pages for your future clients in order to avoid problems with your template in the future. We examine the whole range of the theme steps to the test to test WordPress Figma for usability. The actual area of use of WordPress system is an incredible variety of directions: from the simplest blogs to multi-page news portals and large stores. The presence of the internal configuration of all sorts of design themes in a company with a harmonious architecture provides an opportunity to engage in constructing projects with the most comprehensive functionality.

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Stages Of Making Custom Themes for WordPress


At this stage design should be prepared by Customer's designer


Design will be converted to static HTML, page by page starting from the Home page


After HTML version approved by Customer, and HTML will become a WordPress theme, connected to backend (and become editable via wp-admin)


The final stage will be to do quality assurance and launch on a live website

Questions about WordPress Themes and Frontend?

Frequently asked Questions
What is bettter - custom design, or ready theme?

Ready templates, that can be purchased for something like $50 are good in case if you have a common tasks. For instance, E-Commerce, Blog or Landing Page.

In case you need custom features / outstanding business logic – then custom design via Figma / Sketch / XD / PDF to WordPress theme suits the best.

What is needed to make a WordPress Theme?

To make a WordPress theme, we need a file (XD, PSD, Sketch) or Figma access.

What page builder is best one?

We recommend not to use any page builders except native WordPress Gutenberg Blocks.

We can create custom reusable blocks for you, based on Gutenberg and ACF.

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