Frontend Development for WordPress

How to do Frontend Development for WordPress

We are building, coding, consulting, supporting, selling and above all solving problems for clients across the country, creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript for your website.

In WP-Masters, our website development team builds the websites in order to revitalize our clients’ brands. The way we learn how to think like our users and develop interfaces that present the information and features your audience is looking for. You are in exactly the right place at the right time to create the ideal designed experience that you have in mind, communicating with the user, and displaying data in a clear style and all kinds of devices.
The Frontend is more than a handsome look, it’s a welcoming, forward-looking web development experience. This is a swivel point role, which requires both aesthetic sensitivity and programming austerity. As a team, we’re focused on doing outstanding work for our clients and maintaining common sense.

What we could offer for your Web Blossoming

This process delivered by our specialists is a field that encompasses a set of of technologies and capabilities to deliver a content-rich customer journey of all kinds, including:

Gross Profit Website

Creating a fully-functional, original web page wireframe structure for search optimization, vitally important for putting the right hooks for classes and identifiers in the document that will provide the style and interaction that a future reader will eventually consume.

Website Approach

By employing CSS, we will generate styles that frame your web pages and render both unique visuals and a clean, easy-to-use look so that readers who never linger on pages can quickly read or flip through the content.

Cross-browsing, cross-platforming, cross-devicing

Are you concerned about how a website appears and conducts in various types of internet browsers and devices? We can help you quickly and efficiently! Browsers today compete with one another in speed of page rendering, plugins and supplements allow for both economical and complex use of the browser.
Our careful attention to advanced development techniques and responsive design means that our work operates with a Smooth operation through a variety of media objectives. The code we use is clear, relevant, and we are regularly testing and double-checking decisions on promotion of development to secure sustainability of the presentation.



Is your website’s HTML document structured in such a way that screen readers and assistive technology can easily access and interpret the content? We ensure accessibility to provide your content and your pages with as many access points as possible, as ubiquitous computing is just around the corner.


We use CSS, ActionScript, jQuery, HTML, JavaScript or any other popular web language to make more dynamic, designed for the frontend sites. The use of JS libraries, for instance, MooTools or jQuery, has led to many visual effects that transform websites onto a greater 3-dimensional, engaging landscape level experience.  HTML gives your website the initial layout and defines the position of various strands.

The frameworks for frontend

Frameworks maintain appearance, elaboration and posting of a web pages in the shortest possible time. The 2 widely adopted appear are CSS and JS.


It’s important to think carefully about the stages of how people will use and interact with the system, which WE can help you with, determining your targeted audience and producing attractive options to encourage users to take the desired action. Content development has flourished over the past few years, with our frontend developer noting features, suggesting refinements, and participating in the creation of the new website.


SEO helps to improve a website’s ranking in search engines and thereby increasing profile among pertinent exploration queries. Our frontend specialists’ knowledge of Download following best SEO techniques to help create an SEO-friendly layout of websites and web applications for our esteemed clients

Website Performance Development

So, now that you’ve put it all together, how does it work? Can it scale? Can it become faster and more efficient? Can it perform better in search engines? Can it be made simpler? In order to create even faster websites, your markup, styles and javascript need to be both scalable and flexible which we can guarantee to provide you with by answering all your questions and our developers solving any problems.

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Get in touch with us if you like to improve the customer experience by attaching cool options to your website. Our frontend crew are ready to work with you and help build your every fantasy into reality.

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Stages Of Making Custom Themes for WordPress


At this stage design should be prepared by Customer's designer


Design will be converted to static HTML, page by page starting from the Home page


After HTML version approved by Customer, and HTML will become a WordPress theme, connected to backend (and become editable via wp-admin)


The final stage will be to do quality assurance and launch on a live website

Questions about WordPress Themes and Frontend?

Frequently asked Questions
What is bettter - custom design, or ready theme?

Ready templates, that can be purchased for something like $50 are good in case if you have a common tasks. For instance, E-Commerce, Blog or Landing Page.

In case you need custom features / outstanding business logic – then custom design via Figma / Sketch / XD / PDF to WordPress theme suits the best.

What is needed to make a WordPress Theme?

To make a WordPress theme, we need a file (XD, PSD, Sketch) or Figma access.

What page builder is best one?

We recommend not to use any page builders except native WordPress Gutenberg Blocks.

We can create custom reusable blocks for you, based on Gutenberg and ACF.

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