PayPal API Integration in WooCommerce Shop

Pomme is a Swedish online shop that sells equestrian wear. They asked us to help them integrate PayPal into their checkout process. 

Client & Challenges

Pomme, a company from Onsala, Sweden, that deals in equestrian wear and accessories, came to us at Upwork and ask us to help them add PayPal to the payment methods on their WooCommerce platform. 

They’ve already had Klarna checkout integrated and wanted to diversify the options. 

The checkout process wasn’t standard but customized for Pomme’s needs. The shop, while Swedish, has versions in different languages on different domains (not subdomains, as it’s often done with multilingual shops and services) — we needed to connect checkouts on each of them to the PayPal API. 


All of the fields in the checkout required addresses and locations written in the language of the domain. All of these websites required a separate connection to PayPal API — and it needed to work seamlessly with different language versions of websites. 

We started with figuring out the setup of this custom checkout process, based around Klarna. We analyzed the code and cleaned it, and made sure everything works smoothly. Then, we connected PayPal to each version of Pomme. We’ve used WooCommerce, Paypal API, and Klarna API for integration and made sure elements of the payment gateway are not in conflict on the five websites 


It was a simple project, but lengthy. We repeated PayPal integration five times: for Swedish, French, English, Dutch, and German versions. Our backend developer and PM worked for three weeks. Right now 90% of the project is completed — only the final challenge remains. 

People will be able to pay via PayPal on Pomme when we add automated VAT calculation for each payment that runs through PayPal. VAX is an EU tax that needs to be included in sales of goods, and we’re working towards integrating it into PayPal-based checkout math.