Speed Insights Results Improvement

What is Speed Insights Results Improvement?

Increase your website performance and reachability together with our specialists, improving the user experience directly.

When building a modern web project, it is imperative to pay a lot of attention to measurement, optimization and monitoring in order to ensure high-speed performance. The performance plays a crucial importance in the success of any online project, as high-performing sites are better at attracting and holding the users’ interest. Our expert website developers focus on improving user happiness pagespeed insights score.

Loading speed has long been one of the most important factors in website usability. And we continue to emphasize its significance to assist website owners to improve their site’s rates. We optimize your site, you are in the right place! Let us optimize your site, make it fast and successful.

We provide the best page speed insights services that you need.  We help you successfully meet your project planning goals and deadline.

Do you know 40% of your site visitors will abandon a page that loads more than 5 seconds?

If you need top quality assistance choose us:

– Optimizing for connection quality

– Fast page loading speed

– WordPress Cache Issues

– Large Image Optimization

– Minification of Javascript, HTML and CSS

– Bounce rates decrease

– Streamlining the loading and rendering of website fonts

– Relating site speed and business metrics

– Fixing website speed cross-functionally

What our sеrvice could offer to optimize your website speed insights:

  1. Minimize HTTP Requests/Reduce server response time;
  2. Configure browser caching (site-wide);
  3. HTML, CSS & JavaScript Minification (minimizing the code and markup in your web pages and script files in order to reduce load times, this file minification enables all the same functions, but reduces the network request bandwidth);
  4. Losslessly optimizing Images  with the addition of Auto-optimize and Rescale image size of the new upload;
  5. Prioritize HTML above-the-fold content, eliminating external render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above the fold content. Above-the-fold content delivery network is prominently displayed in the browser window the first time the page is loaded. And Googles pagespeed insights would like to see the inline CSS extracted from the main CSS file and inserted into the head tag, which enables everything you see first to load.;
  6. Configure CDN Service (Greater responsiveness and user experience, with higher conversion rates).

What you will get after our company site optimization:

  • The optimized site with an optimized database, and also reduce page size and quick page load time.
  • Before and After Reports of GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights, so our clients will be able to compare the results.
  • We are always focusing on quality, working on the structure of the site, checking the quality of the content pages, getting rid of broken links, bugs, slow sites.
  • We promote the content of your website to the top positions for search engine crawlers, responding to all the technical requirements of search engines for the successful advancement of a client’s website.
  • We are the ones who will bring your site to the forefront of search engines and get it ahead of the competitors, organizing everything to be better, more convenient, more detailed, boosting traffic growth, increasing conversions and, as a result, boosting profits is now guaranteed.

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