Website Speed Optimization

What is Website Speed Optimization?

Keeping up the speed of your web page is essential in giving a good  impression of your business, the speed directly affects the user’s interaction experience.

Having a sluggish website speed setting is actually going to be one of the most discouraging things that will draw people away from your homepage, so by trusting WP-Masters you will get the best website optimization options when you work with us, positive impact on ranking, search engines give preference to sites with high loading speed.

With the services we provide, you can independently assess the speed of your page using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

Before we start optimizing the site speed, we look at the current loading time and fix what is slowing down the website.

After that, we define the goals for the performance of the site.

There are different tools and ways to optimize website speed and often they are not compatible. Therefore, with each change, we analyze the speed in order to apply only those methods that have a positive effect on the speed of the site.

Performance evaluation services we recommend to employ:
Google Pagespeed Insights are a tool from Google that can help you measure site performance and get recommendations for improving your site’s performance.
Pingdom tests website speed and has a number of additional functions: it shows the history of website performance, generates reports and makes recommendations.
YSlow gives recommendations on how to improve site speed, gives statistics.
Performance Budget Calculator – Gives you an idea of what type of content you need for your website to perform optimally.

After checking your site for performance, we can start optimizing it. Here is a list of the most popular ones. It is only thanks to our experience and knowledge that we implement only the most effective and compatible ones. Because unprofessional website speed optimization can lead to consequences that are difficult to fix.

Why choose our assistance?
We are using a CDN
Moving WordPress site to the best host
Optimize website size of images, bounce rates
Fix slow plugins
Reduce the number of plugins
Minimize the number of JavaScript and CSS files
Optimize the database
Implement Gzip Compression
Reduce the use of web fonts
Detect 404 errors
Use website caching
Employ prefetching techniques
Database optimization in CMS
Make Image Compression
Reduce redirects
We install the best WordPress plugins to handle caching requests to improve website.

If your page speed doesn’t suit you. We will be happy to help you fix everything and provide the user experience with the best service. We offer services to optimize your website and increase your website loading speed. We are eliminating the causes that adversely affect the page load speed. The optimal page load speed is 2-3 seconds.

Our experts will take care of the correct operation of your web page and thereby make the visitor stay and perform the targeted action. Thanks to the right optimization to the right level, you will significantly drop your site’s ranking among competitors.

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