WordPress Audit

What is WordPress Audit?

Correct errors, boost performance, or make other technical changes to your site in a fast, effortless and hassle-free manner.

To keep your WordPress website performing optimally, you have to balance contradictory priorities – with new technology, search engine developments, rapidly updating analytics data, volatile markets, and many other digital changes creating constant challenges. Furthermore, all of these must be managed along with the day-to-day tasks of running a business or organization.

Any time any website can fail at a moment’s notice. In many cases, weak security measures and a lack of proper monitoring of site activity are the cause. On top of that, numerous compromised sites are targeted by attackers on a daily basis. Consequently, overcoming this problem of site security protection is indeed a major challenge for most website owners.

But you’re not alone –we’re actually here to help! Our company services are tailored to you, technical expertise, simple and cost – effective, offering you flexible website WordPress services, where you pay on-demand for what you need and when you need it. We’ll take care of all your WordPress requirements – providing regular updates, hosting, security protection, design, development, and ongoing support ensure that your website always delivers great results, using high and up-do-date website testing jobs.

Here are some indications of what you may seek from our company to order Audit for WORDPRESS:

  • To identify serious deficiencies on the site;
  • To promote and develop the site;
  • To improve the functionality of the site;
  • To increase sales;
  • To attract a larger number of Internet audience;
  • To promote your brand, products or services;
  • To resolve issues if your site is suddenly too slow;
  • To rectify unusual, precipitous drop in performance;
  • You observe a drop in traffic to your site;
  • Your site has suspicious new accounts, requests for forgotten passwords, or login attempts;
  • Suspicious links appear on your site.

Each web resource needs an audit, whether it is a news site, a blog or an online store. As practice shows, solving the deficiencies found in the course of the audit many times reduces the cost of maintaining a web resource and makes it more attractive for search engines, and therefore it will be able to bring in good profits. We will identify all the technical errors, usability, and content audits, which were made during the development, how well the site is optimized and what is needed for its optimal ranking.

With the confidence that comes from decades of internet marketing experience and hundreds of successful websites launches in our portfolio, we approach every design project with confidence. The beauty of the websites we create and their flawless, responsive performance on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops is evident in this experience. As a full-service company, we can go beyond the design/build phase to provide you with advanced SEO optimization strategies, expert analytics, and vital support services that will increase your website traffic, maximize conversions, and increase your return on investment. An audit is a great way to make sure your WordPress site is running efficiently and meeting your company’s goals.

Why you need to order WordPress audit from us?

Is your WordPress website performing at its best? Сheck how your website is built, structured and used.

Performing WordPress audit to check the functioning of your site is a key criterion, to improve the situation and make sure to achieve the best online results for your company.

1. Check software and plugin versions – checking software versions & whether everything up-to-date; checking for unnecessary plugins which may be bloating & slowing down your site;

2. Evaluate the site speed – checking how quickly your site loads and suggesting ways to speed it up, enhance site load speed, page ranks, and conversion rates;

3. Check blogs and the content of your website (any plugins/themes you use need regular updates to fix bugs, patch security issues, and maintain performance);

4. Check WordPress security – it’s vital to scan your WordPress site regularly to check for malware, viruses and suspicious code. Having a hacked or infected site can cause massive problems – both financially and in terms of reputational impact. Checking HTTP and HTTPS issues to keep your site safe and secure. It also helps in preparing your plugin dev/security team to cope up with active vulnerability exploitation;

Our professionals are able to give you a holistic view of misconfigured integrations implemented within your code and offer you a chance to do a secure code review.

We also identify any malicious means of intervention

or circumvention of conventional system security access mechanisms (blackdoors) to the host application, which may damage the structure and the appearance of your website;

5. Test for broken links which would direct users to a 404 error message and who may then choose to exit your website – and it’s also a negative signal to search engines;

6. Scrutinize functionality – checking your website’s design and functionality;

7. Review analytics – make data-driven edits on your WordPress website to optimise performance;

8. Examine SEO performance – SEO health check, refers to a website’s crawlability and indexability;

9. Check mobile compatibility – to observe how your site functions across different screen sizes and devices;

10. Test your database (The General Data Protection Regulation) – EU law on data protection and privacy;

11. Appraise backups – make sure that all relevant data is being stored, that backup copies are being saved securely in different locations, and that files are not corrupted.;

12. Surveying an area of user accounts & passwords – checking how users engage with website and highlighting where they may be encountering problems. Making sure they choose strong passwords, including a random combination of letters, numbers and symbols;

13. Check accessibility – ensuring your site complies with the UK accessibility legislation, which means the requirement to make a website or mobile application accessible by making it perceivable, operable, understandable and robust;

14. Investigating your code cleanliness and highlighting code errors. Our experts will review low-quality code, analysis to identify hardcodes (not dynamic, not adapted code, working on one prescribed vector of the situation, which does not adjust to update the information components of your website – one of the main reasons for the appearance of all sorts of glitches and bugs in the programs);

15. Review admin tasks – we suggest checking domain renewal, disaster recovery, hosting provider, SSL certificate;

16. Other areas of concern: checking anything else you’d like an expert eye on.

What can a business expect after completing a website audit?

We perform the audit using a copy of your site so as not to interrupt your normal work, and focus our efforts on areas for improvement to ensure maximum return on investment. When the audit is complete, we’ll send you a detailed report that includes high, medium and low priorities for development and recommendations to fix any problems.

With our expert eye, we’ll identify any problem areas and find the right solutions to ensure your digital goals are met.

Although we offer detailed website audits covering everything from code quality, usability and server configuration to speed, user experience and accessibility, there are also many simple WordPress audit checks you can do yourself.

Qualitative website inspection on WordPress is a job that really pays for itself. A website audit presents a business with an exceptional opportunity for growth online. You can order a professional site audit on WordPress at WP – Masters by contacting us right now!

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