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What is WordPress Consulting?

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The website consultancy firm for all categories of companies. Repair, enhance or obtain greater visibility for your established or emerging website without incurring additional costly overheads. Our premium WordPress support service works with multinational organizations worldwide, providing technical, creative, business development, marketing and support services.
We are a highly rated German IT company with a long track record in WordPress theme and plugin development, WooCommerce, optimization, API integration, WordPress customization, themes and plugins. With the WordPress Advisory Team, which we manage, we simply do what’s necessary in the short term on your sites, while also helping you to see a clearer vision for the future. One of the benefits of hiring us is because of plug-and-play usefulness.

We’re a highly ranked German IT Company with extensive track records in designing WordPress topics and plugins, WooCommerce, optimization, API integration, customization of WordPress, themes and plugins. The WordPress consulting team, we run simply does what’s required in the short term on your website, but also helps you see the future more clearly. One of the benefits of hiring our business website consulting team is the ‘plug-and-play’ value. We’re able to fix problems quickly and effortlessly.

Why are our consulting services offered a good deal?

Our customers come first

Whatever we do, for us, everything starts with the client. Regardless of are we expanding or downsizing teams and the projects or offering one model instead of the other, we are here for the long term. IIn fact, if there is one element we have learned along the way, it’s to be attentive to our clients, to care and to grow with them! Providing a priority for your businesses is our day-to-day mantra, and we aspire to do this.

Achieving Perfection

Making a commitment is what we do. Then we deliver. And we succeed.
From creating the industry’s first digital problem solver to a flawless iteration of an established product, we feel that true achievement takes from the details. To ensure your product is competitive and of the highest quality, our dedicated team takes enormous pride in producing outstanding results.

Specialized development team

Do you have development requirements that require the devotion and investment in a fully engaged development team? Then, this self-contained team is for you! All the expertise you will need to implement your product development requirements whenever and wherever you actually need it.

Fairness in everything we do!

We hold ourselves top ethical and honesty principles, from the people we hire to the final completion of a project. Every member of our team strives to carry out daily tasks with maximum accountability and transparency at all times. So you can trust us delivering 100% of the tasks, even when we’re not there. Specializing in many areas of business to create a worthwhile product for clients.

Specializing in many types of business fields to come up a decent business, blog, online communities and many others areas growing a product for our clients

What exactly do we provide?

We have various methods of bringing forward our website advisory service to help you promote and design your website and EXPERTISE ISSUES YOU STUMBLED ACROSS.

Looking for a reliable technology partner who is focused on quality and results? Our staff have a wide range of technical skills. They are certified in many of the latest technology solutions, and can provide resources that will keep your technical team up-to-speed. Let us be your IT consultants and you’ll never have to worry about constantly managing your IT again.

Highly specialized experts in the fields of website development are employed by us.


WordPress Development

Building and maintaining websites. This is the work that goes on behind the scenes to make the website appear magnificent, running rapidly and of the highest quality, ensuring a seamless user experience. Our specialized team of web developers, building this by using different coding languages.

WordPress Customization

A unique website design can be submitted, revised and created for your website. These websites are created from the outset. It is scalable, flexible, manageable. It fits the needs and can be modified accordingly. It takes a lot of time and costs more, but it is much better than any template.

WordPress Plugins Development

Adds new features or extends functionality on an existing application, serves many useful purposes for business owners and website visitors. Giving your business website a major opportunity to expand the functionality of your website smooth and straightforward.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Get your website performance analysis and optimization to improve your online presence. We are a digital agency that provides website optimization services, having the latest knowledge to support your commercial goals, whether you need a complete platform upgrade or website velocity optimization.

WordPress Audit and Fixes

Testing software versions and whether everything up-to-date on your site, inspecting for unnecessary plugins which may be bloating and slowing down your site, checking how quickly your site loads and suggesting ways to speed it up, strengthten site load speed, page ranks, and transformation rates. Examine WordPress site for malware, viruses and suspicious code, to fix bugs, patch security issues, and maintain performance. Having a hacked or infected site can cause massive problems – both financially and in terms of reputational impact.

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We offer monthly basis support services for WordPress, WooCommerce and more

Stages Of Making Custom Projects with WordPress


We learn specifications, API docs and the business goal


Actual coding and other tasks will be performed to make a plugin


When plugin done, it will be checked with a lot of test data on a staging server


The final stage will be to do quality assurance and launch on a live website

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What is included in monthly packages?

We offer montly plugin updates, security checks, and monitoring.

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