WordPress Hosting Migration

What is WordPress Hosting Migration?

We offer you a guaranteed, uncomplicated, reliable and completely SEO-friendly cost effective plan, ready to make your website/blog outstanding.

We are your WordPress Migration Service, which safely transfer your WordPress website to a new proper location. Creating a website will be easier than ever before with WordPress Hosting Migration. If you’ve always wanted to create a website for your business or a personal blog then simply select the domain you prefer and you won’t even have to worry about installing WordPress because with our hosting plan WordPress will already be installed, ready to go. Combined with Linux hosting, this will be the perfect service. Relax, we’ll take care of everything else.

With our pre-installed WordPress hosting offer, your website will be online right away. You’ll have the opportunity to create a website with WordPress that’s easy to transfer. Get started now and lay the foundation for success for your website with WordPress WP-Masters Assistance.

Why Choose Hosting Migration Service from WP-Masters:

Do you want to move website to a new hosting environment? Perhaps you have changed hosts? Or you will move to a new domain? Or even taking a development website and setting it to live? You are in the right place! Our WordPress experts will do WordPress or any other website migration in several hours.

  • The minimum amount of downtime for the WordPress migration service;
  • Convenient, user-friendly WordPress site migration experience;
  • Ongoing assistance with technical issues;
  • The team of highly competent and motivated staff;
  • As well as quality hosting and pre-installed WordPress, all packages include an SSL certificate, download speed, hosting security, 24/7 customer support, SEO plugins to optimize and index your site for search engines, and hundreds of professional solutions from our experts to help you.


For this procedure we need the following information:

  • Your old host
  • login credentials
  • Your new host
  • login credentials

What kind of migration processes does our company provide to clients?

– Website Backup – we care about your website data. For us, the safety of the website is a priority. Before we transfer your website to new hosting we will make a full backup of your WordPress installation including all database: core, theme, plugin files, and database.

– Website Transfer – After a complete back up, we transfer your files and database to your new hosting provider.

– Update Domain – After upload of your website files and imported your database, we’ll update your DNS settings.

– Configure – We’ll make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our experts can migrate any workload – including applications, unlimited websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers – and even entire data centеrs from an on-premises environment, hosted or other public cloud to WordPress. At each stage, you can use WP-Masters’ years of experience to build up your organizational, operational and technical resources to get faster business advantages. Depending on your business hosting plans, we will propose the best possible conditions and a reseller solution that suits your business requirements. We have many opportunities to reduce your operating costs and to streamline and automate your processes, using our products and WordPress Hosting services.


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Stages Of Making Custom Projects with WordPress


We learn specifications, API docs and the business goal


Actual coding and other tasks will be performed to make a plugin


When plugin done, it will be checked with a lot of test data on a staging server


The final stage will be to do quality assurance and launch on a live website

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