WordPress Payment Gateways Development and Integration

What is WordPress Payment Gateways Development and Integration

Our agency integrates a lot of merchant gateway solutions to process electronic payments across geographies. Our team of experienced payment gateway developers has successfully integrated various different payment gateway solutions like Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe, Authorize.net and PayU etc. With varying degrees of customization and complexity for many domestic and international clients.

Our company incorporates multiple merchant Gateway Solutions for e-payment transactions processing from different locations. With varying degrees of customization and sophistication for many domestic and international clients, our team of experienced payment gateway developers has already successfully integrated various payment gateway Solutions, including Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Authorize.net, Apple Pay etc.

 Why does your site need WordPress payment gateway:

41,8% of customers use e-wallets;

24,2% pay with credit cards;

10,6% use debit cards.

If you don’t accept credit cards you lose almost half of the potential customers. You must provide several payment ways for customers.

What do we offer for clients:

– Development of payment gateways
– Configuring a payment gateway
– Order Workflow Management

Why Choose us?

We have extensive technical and experience with a variety of e-commerce product or service providers. We know that improperly setting up a website’s payment gateways constitutes а catastrophe of websites.

We have a solution to ensure of secure payment gateways. We develop  easy to configure and operate payment gateways.

So that you can completely make your business and we will make technical stuff.

Dealing with relationships and high risk management between the lending corporations and enterprises.

Processing personal and financial data of clients.

Debit of funds from the customer and crediting of the business account (transaction process).

The transfer of funds to your company’s current bank account.

Approval of the sale of authorization.

What else we could offer

As a customer purchases an item with a credit or debit card on your website, a payment gateway that encrypts the data to keep it private. Settling the sale and getting the money to your account.

Settlement of the transaction and receipt of the money into your account.

When the transaction is approved, then the card issuer sends this money to the retailer, who will transfer it to your issuing bank account.

Access the money as soon as it arrives in your bank account.

The customer assistance you need. As you deal with money and private data, avoiding data breaches to maintain industry data security standard ensuring that your issues are dealt with quickly is important.

Offer our clients speed of dispute resolution. Whatever good is a ton of sales if your recurring payment form processor is taking time a while to send you money? Never forget that you are still obliged to pay suppliers and other commercial expenses on time, in accordance with the agreed payment processing terms.

Keeping your WordPress website secure. As well as choosing to integrate payment option provider that meets all your criteria, of course, you’ll also be wanting to provide security for your site to protect people’s privacy and financial information, and our experts eager to help you with.

The commissions. You will bear the costs of processing payments, making it perfectly natural to be keen to default to the one offering the cheapest commission.

Interoperable with a variety of technologies. People are becoming progressively more dependent with their phones, relying on them for everything: shopping and online payments included. So if you want to appeal to all stakeholders, it is a smart thought of making absolutely certain that your payment processor performs brilliantly cross-device.

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