WordPress Security Services

What is WordPress Security Services?

Check WordPress for suspicious activity, malicious code or unusual performance degradation.

It is extremely essential that you regularly scan your WordPress Website for malware, viruses and suspicious code. The existence of a compromised or infected website can lead to serious problems both financially and in terms of reputation.

And we recommend installing the Wordfence plug-in, which includes website security enhancements,  to protect your site, a firewall to block malicious traffic, and a scanner that checks for malware.

Any web resource needs an audit, be it a new WordPress site, a blog, or an online shop. Practice shows that solving the bugs found in the process of verification many times reduces the cost of maintaining a web resource and makes it more attractive to search engines, and therefore it will be able to bring in good profits.

It is almost impossible not to create any security issues, holes, security vulnerability when writing code. When hackers find these vulnerabilities, they exploit them and you are left with a vulnerable website. There are other ways in which a site can become vulnerable, trojan horses, including human error,  such as using strong passwords that are easy to guess and insecure or unreliable hosting.

There are a number of commonly used and potential WordPress vulnerabilities, it includes we could fix them all and more others

SQL Injection (SQLI) – occurs when SQL queries can be entered and executed from a website URL;

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) – a hacker can inject code into a site, usually through an input box;

Uploading a file containing malicious software code to an insecure server;

Cross-Site Request Subroutine (CSRF) – code or strings are entered and executed from a website URL;

Brute Force Attacks– constant attempts to log on by guessing the username and password of an administrator account;

Open Redirect – code is injected and a website page is continuously redirected to another page set up by a hacker with spam or to another website (phishing) site;

Phishing (identity theft) – a site or page set up by a hacker that looks like a well-known, common website, but is used to collect login credentials by tricking the user into entering their details;

Malware – a malicious script or program designed to infect a site or system;

Remote Code Execution (RCE) – hacker has the ability to execute arbitrary code on a machine or site from another computer or site;

Remote File Inclusion (RFI) – the use of a link on a site to an external script, in order to download malware from a completely different computer or site;

Server side request forgery (SSRF) – when a hacker is able to control a server, either partially or completely, in order to make the server execute requests remotely;


Here are a few good reasons to trust a security service from our team on WordPress


– We take a responsible approach to every project.

– We employ experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

– The prices of our services are honest and fair.

– We guarantee results.

– We use the best tools to promote web resources.

Quality website security on WordPress is a job that really pays for itself. You can order a website on WordPress from our professionals. Please contact WP-Masters today!

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